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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you actually tapping into my or my friend’s device/phone?

No. Tapp That App is a social sharing platform. This means each user must voluntarily choose apps they want published for others to see.

By joining Tapp That App, do all my apps automatically get published?

No. Users manually select (tapp) apps they want to share with their friends. When new apps are installed on user’s devices, they will automatically appear on the ‘PICK AN APP TO TAPP’ screen. From this screen, users select (tapp) them to make them visible to friends.

Why are you only supporting Android? What about iOS?

Due to the strict Apple Store Review Guidelines, we decided to introduce Tapp That App to the Android community first. We are currently working on plans for future releases which includes a version for iOS. Stay connected via our email list to stay in the happs.

Do I need a Twitter account to authenticate or join the Tapp That App community?

Yes. We decided to introduce Tapp That App with Twitter integration first to connect you with not only friends but influencers in the social community.

Will you support other social platforms?

Yes. We are currently working on plans to expand our integration to other social platforms such as Google and Facebook.